founder + director

Alex started Cinevation in 2016 whilst studying Film Editing (BA) at Ravensbourne University. During his degree, Alex threw himself into many different roles in the industry, including film, TV and commercials. Since graduating, Alex has gained a wealth of experience, ranging from BBC documentaries to local business marketing.

As the media industry was struck during the COVID-19 pandemic, Alex and his partner, Judy, set up a back-garden Neapolitan pizza delivery. During Leopard Pizza's 3 months of operation, business grew exponentially... not only because it was the best quality pizza in town, but because of the strong branding and social media campaigns. What initially started up as a way to pass time, became Cinevation's best case study of the power of visual-led marketing yet.

Alex's experience and results-driven mindset helped Cinevation build effective, high quality, visual-led marketing strategies.


social media manager

Judy started her social media career at the start of university, gaining over 180,000 followers across Instagram and YouTube in two years. During that time, she had the opportunity to produce high quality adverts for major brands, including Tesco, Huel, MyProtein, Pret and Boots. 


Since then, Judy has gone on to use her insider knowledge and visual creativity in the marketing world. Judy has gained a wealth of experience, from working in top marketing agencies in central London to freelance social media management.


camera op + editor

Luke Tapley has spent many years in the edit suite, refining and crafting incredible content.

He has a strong narrative background, recently finishing a long form documentary film. 

Luke also works with lots of brands to create exciting, snappy content.


online editor + colourist

Kal Bur has spent the last few years working in film trailer and TV finishing houses. His job has a strong focus on quality control and colour grading.


Kal ensures that everything we produce is technically perfect and visually stunning.