What We do

At Cinevation, we are your one stop shop for end to end content creation. Our experienced team put everything into our work and strive to give you what you want before you even know what that is. We believe that collaboration is key to creating effective work, and this is what we do.


Bar/bat Mitzvahs

At Cinevation we capture your once in a lifetime moment so you can remember it forever. Using the latest equipment we ensure that we are working for the future and telling the story of now.

Corporate Films

Our corporate films are designed to stand out from the crowd. In a market this competitive you need a company you can trust, to work along side and pave the future for your visual brand.

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Documentary films

The heart of what we do is not cameras, light and sound. It is story. Without story we have no meaning. We love to create documentaries to flex this muscle and mold it into all of our creations.

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Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein

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